EmailXtender – How to create a EmailXtender custom recipient or Active Directory contact

Fact: EmailXtender

Fact: Microsoft Exchange

Symptom: Unable to resolve shortcut

Symptom: Cannot access mail shortcuts because custom recipient does not exist

Symptom: Error:

‘Source : ExExchangeMgr.CoExExchangeMgr.1, VERSION: 4.60.401

Routine : ExExchangeMgr::CreateLocator()

Description: General access denied error

HR : E_ACCESSDENIED – General access denied error’

Symptom: Pop-up error: ‘Unable to locate archive server’

Symptom: messages are accessible via search plugin but not through mailbox shortcuts

Symptom: OTG event log error: ‘There are 0 EmailXtender custom recipients defined’

Symptom: There is no ‘EmailXtender’ user defined in the Exchange address book

Symptom: Error: ‘unable to query table space’

Symptom: Error: ‘Cannot open message. Unable to locate archive servers. Table query did not return data.’

Cause: EmailXtender customer recipient or Active Directory contact was deleted or the EmailXtender Email Message Exchange service account does not have the appropriate permission to create the Active Directory contact since the service account is not in the Domain Administrators Group. In this case you must manually create the contact.

Fix: If the EmailXtender contact was deleted or can not be created automatically, you must manually create it with the following attributes:

How to create a custom recipient in a Exchange 5.5 environment:

– Open the Exchange Administrator

– Select File -> New Customer Recipient

– Create the custom recipient with the various attributes:

First Name: EmailXtender

Last Name: OTG

Display Name: EmailXtender

Alias: EmailXtender

Title: Mail Archive Locator

Email Address:

How to create a contact in a Exchange 2000 / 2003 environment:

– Open Active Directory Users and Computers

– Select the Users OU

– Create a “Contact” with the name – EmailXtender

– Create the contact with the various attributes:

First Name: EmailXtender

Last Name: OTG

Display Name: EmailXtender

Email Address: EmailXtender@MyCompany.Com (where MyCompany.Com is the SMTP domain of the Exchange 2000 or 2003 environment)

Title: Mail Archive Locator (this can be found on the Organization tab)

Alias: EmailXtender (this can be found on the Exchange General tab)

For Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003, once the EmailXtender contact has been created and includes the required information specified previously, a custom attribute is set inside the contact for each EmailXtender server in the Exchange environment. The format for these custom attributes is:


In the previous format description, MyEmailXtenderServer is the name of the EmailXtender server.


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