Nintendo 3DS region locking

I recently received a gift, a Nintendo 3DS while visiting EMC World 2012 in Las Vegas and my 2 boys were very happy when I came home.

But after buying a game in a local shop in Belgium (Europe), we noticed it wasn’t working at all while older NDS games were working. So I brought back the game thinking there was a problem with the card, but there wasn’t.
We found out that Nintendo changed their policy and introduced “Region Locking” on the game cards themselves.

So I contacted Nintendo support, explaining the problem… there’s no way around it… If you buy the US console, you can only use US games. Why don’t they just swap the US console with a EU console…  let’s call it a “region change program”.

Let’s just think about the following scenario… You live in the US and you have kids with Nintendos but for some reason you would like to go and live in a nice country, let’s say Belgium. Well sir, too bad for your kids. We are Nintendo and we rule !

In these modern days… buying things over the internet, no matter where the webshop is physically located… you still need to keep in mind that some vendors are still retarded to think within country/region borders.

They need to keep in mind that there are other ways…. workarounds… you can even call it “hacks’.


2 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS region locking

  1. Clare

    Did you find a “way around this”? I am English and lived in Los Angeles for a while. Came back and now the 3DS games I bought for my children won’t work in their US consoles. I didn’t even think to check to be honest – its so archaic. Any help would be appreciated now for Christmas! Thanks!

    1. tomlambrechts Post author

      Too bad, didn’t find a solution…maybe in the future with a R4 card…to hack around Nintendo’s stupid new policy…for now you can only order local 3ds games.


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