setting up an extra WiFi access point next to Belgacom bbox2

I’ve been struggling with wifi last weekend.

I was trying to setup an extra wifi access point in a home network connected to the world wide web with a belgacom bbox2. It turned out to be very tricky.

We recently bought a very cheap Medion MD86464 WLAN extender/access point/client Afbeelding

and had the choice between WiFi signal extender functionality or access point.

The problem with a signal extender is the fact that he shares the wifi signal, so bandwidth is actually decreasing and since we made a utp cat 6 cable connection, the choice was simple .. setup as extra WiFi access point.

So I followed the manual which said to power the device without a lan cable… then supply the the new WiFi information… then attach a cable and it should all work fine.

In fact it did… for a very limited time, and then all of a sudden…  the android smartphone was able to connect to WiFi  but didn’t have a connection to the internet while on the other hand, the iPad didn’t have any problem.

Anyway, to cut it short…. when setting up the medion device as access point, it should present you with the dhcp server of the belgacom bbox2, but in fact the Medion by default also has a dhcp server which is turned on and will provide you with the wrong ip-settings.

Please remember to manually disable the dhcp server of the Medion md86464 device when you set it up as WiFi access point in your existing network.


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