Quicksetup EMC Connectrix DS-300B



The EMC® Connectrix® DS-300B provides a cost-effective, flexible foundation for entry-level SANs and can serve as an edge switch for core-to-edge SAN environments.

24 ports in 8-port increments through Ports-on-Demand licenses at 8, 16, and 24 universal (E, F, M, FL, or N) ports

Auto-sensing of 2, 4, and 8 Gb/s port speeds

Basic setup:

  1. connect your laptop via the serial-utp connection to the serial-utp port on the switch (IOIOI)
  2. open a putty/serial connection
  3. login with default credentials: admin/password
  4. setup network with commands (ipaddrset, ipaddrshow):
  5. setup date/time:
    tstimezone –interactive
    date “mmddHHMMyy”
  6. switch names:
    switchname “name”
    chassisname “name”
  7. licensing:
    licenseadd “key”
  8. ethernet cabling

Now you should be able to use your browser/java to connect to the GUI.


In the GUI, you need to open the “Zone Administration” page.
In most of cases, I’m doing fabric-based soft zoning. I’m almost never doing port zoning because things will go wrong when someone misplaces a fibre cable.
Recommended approach is using “Single-HBA” zoning, so Each zone created has only one server-HBA (initiator) in the zone together with all of the target storage devices.

For instance

1. create Aliases

A zone alias is a familiar name assigned to a device or a group of devices.example: alias “SPA_P0” = 50:06:01:60:bb:60:00:56 (EMC VNX Storage Processor A, Port 0)
60=SP A Port 0
61=SP A Port 1
68=SP B Port 0
69=SP B Port 1Typically the customer will have 2 FC switches (failover).
Switch1 will have 2 VNX connections:
alias: SPA_P0 50:06:01:60:3e:a0:5b:f8
alias: SPB_P0 50:06:01:68:3e:a0:5b:f8
Switch2 will have 2 other failover VNX connections
alias: SPA_P1 50:06:01:61:3e:a0:5b:f8
alias: SPB_P1 50:06:01:69:3e:a0:5b:f8
DS300B alias

DS300B alias

2. create Zones

I’m using Single-HBA zoning, so each zone created has only one server-HBA (initiator) in the zone together with the aliases created for all of the target storage devices.
DS300B Zoning

DS300B Zoning

3. create Zone Config

Add all zones to the Zone Config which will later be saved and applied.

DS300B Zone Config

DS300B Zone Config

4. Save Config
5. Enable Config

Useful commands:

#tstimezone –interactive
#date “mmddHHMMyy”
#switchname “name”
#chassisname “name”
#licenseadd “key”
#zone –validate “zone1”


1 thought on “Quicksetup EMC Connectrix DS-300B

  1. Ray Moore

    Great post for beginners like me, I know it’s been a while since this was posted. I have a couple of questions though.

    I need to add and additional EMC SAN 5400 to the current switch. All the ESXi hosts and the old SAN are already configured now on the switch in Zones. I want to add the new SAN and give access to the same hosts.

    1. What is a good way to do this, Add the new SAN target into the existing zones so 1 server HBA -> 2 targets ( Old SAN and new SAN) or create all new zoness with the Server HBA –> new SAN Target

    2. Once I save the Config and then Enable the Config will this interrupt the traffic during the “Enabling” of the changes.



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