Avamar – get iDRAC network config

root login:
root@avamar:~/#: su – admin

admin + dpn ssh:
admin@avamar:~/>: ssh-agent bash
admin@avamar:~/>: ssh-add ~/.ssh/dpnid
Identity added: /home/admin/.ssh/dpnid (/home/admin/.ssh/dpnid)

admin@avamar1:~/>: mapall –noerror –user=root –nodes=all+ –quiet ‘echo `hostname`'” – iDRAC “‘`racadm getniccfg | grep “IP Address “`’
avamar1 – iDRAC IP Address =
avamar2 – iDRAC IP Address =
avamar3 – iDRAC IP Address =
avamar4 – iDRAC IP Address =
avamar5 – iDRAC IP Address =


3 thoughts on “Avamar – get iDRAC network config

    1. tomlambrechts Post author

      idrac is network facility to remotely takeover the screen & keyboard… to remotely manage the server… poweroff, powerdown, cd/iso redirection, monitor redirect, keyboard/mouse redirect, monitoring, …


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