new to Apple iOS7


when apple released iOS7 yesterday (18/09/2013) around 19h00, I couldn’t resist to upgrade.
So first I made a nice system backup of my iPhone5 in itunes before starting the download.
This took about 2hours…. damn, servers were pretty overloaded I guess.

When it finished, I tried to commence with the actual upgrade, but this failed.. and after retrying over and over again, the phone was able to verify with Apple online and started the upgrade.
No problem was encountered and after signing into iCloud again, my iPhone5 was ready to go with iOS7.

The new design is really appealing and it handles very responsive.
Yesterday all my apps received a final update, support iOS7.

I must say, it really looks like my old Android, but I like the apple flavour and functionality over Android.

I think this would be a perfect place to post a few of my findings.
1. privacy

I just read and article that says that iOS7 is tracking your steps… I keeps a record of your frequent visited locations… looks like big brother is watching me by default.
Check it out yourself: Settings->Privacy->Location Services->System Services->Frequent Locations
Then go to MAPS and see the “Help Improve Maps?” message

2. open apps

Double-click the home button to give you a nice view of open Apps, scroll through the apps by swipe, close apps by draging it up the screen.


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