crashplan backup network share howto

I’m using crashplan for my home backups for a while now and love the idea that my files are safely backed up to the cloud. But also have a NAS at home and with crashplan you cannot select a windows network drive (shared folder) for backup.

But in fact, there is a way to do the backup anyway.

When using a Symbolic Link (Microsoft)… then you map a network drive to a directory… and then you can backup those files on the NAS.

1. <desktop>: make the symbolic directory link to the network drive: mklink /d d:\directory\nasdrive \\nas\shared

2. use crashplan to make a backup set pointing to d:\directory\nasdrive


2 thoughts on “crashplan backup network share howto

  1. Lance Faure

    I wish I found this sooner. I just went thru the headless computer method and what a hassle. This is brilliant and better than the MS “net use” method too.


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