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Enable or Disable Windows Hibernation

  • open command prompt (admin)
  • powercfg /h enable or disable



Help, my application opens outside the Windows 8 viewing area

you know the problem, the application window maximizes, but outside the Windows 8 viewing area and no way to retrieve it, resize, move….. #DOH !

the trick:

  • use ALT-TAB to select the application
  • then use the combination WINDOWS + LEFT ARROW keys to move the screen back in sight !

#Netgear #WNDR4500 down, power led blinking green

Last week, I woke up and noticed my wifi was not working.
After investigation, my wifi-router, NETGEAR WNDR4500 N900, seem to be in some kind of trouble.
The powerled was blinking green and I could not access it anymore.


The blinking green led means that the routers suffers from corrupted firmware, don’t know why this happened.

More info can be found at

Anyway the solution in short is to download a firmware package, then upload this to the router via TFTP and after a reboot, the green blinking led will stabilize and all functionality will return.
In my case the config was intact, so no harm was done.

In the meantime I also a logged a support call with NETGEAR Support, the morning after, they already responded with via email that “The router is suffering from a corrupted firmware. This cannot be restored so the router has to be exchanged.

Thanks you Netgear Support, but I consider myself technical enough to go for the self-repair option.

How to retrieve the Avamar 6.1 Gen 4S System ID

root@server:~/#: mccli server show-prop
0,23000,CLI command completed successfully.
Attribute                        Value
——————————– —————————-
State                            Full Access
Active sessions                  0
Total capacity                   1.9 TB
Capacity used                    225.7 GB
Server utilization               11.7%
Bytes protected                  487.9 GB
Bytes protected quota            Not configured
License expiration               Never
Time since Server initialization 154 days 05h:00m
Last checkpoint                  2013-11-19 11:04:11 CET
Last validated checkpoint        2013-11-19 11:00:45 CET
System Name                      server
System ID                        1371543063@00:1E:67:6D:65:AD
HFSAddr                          server
HFSPort                          27000
IP address                       x.x.x.x:26000
Number of nodes                  1
Nodes Online                     1
Nodes Offline                    0
Nodes Read-only                  0
Nodes Timed-out                  0