Avamar license error: server_exception(MSG_ERR_MISMATCH)

admin@avamar:~/#: avmaint license ./licensefile.xml –avamaronly

ERROR: avmaint: license: server_exception(MSG_ERR_MISMATCH)

Solution: The license.xml files was probably damaged in the email, try again without email and it should be fine !


Office 2013 Activation Error, couldn’t contact the server, 0x80072EFD


Trying to activate Office 2013 failed with the message:we couldn’t contact the server. Please try again in a few minutes. (0x80072EFD)



Disable Virusscanner

Disable Windows Firewall

Try again 


#iphone5 #ios704 error invalid sim & no sim card installed

My iPhone5 with IOS704 regularly returns me the error “Invalid SIM” & “No SIM card installed”.
After restarting the phone… the error disappears.
But after a while the error returns…

Here are my findings while troubleshooting the issue:

1. restart phone… ok, but problem returns
2. airplane on/off doesn’t work
3. try network reset:  Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings (returns to factory network settings) > no solution
Network Reset returns the phone to normal service, but after a while the problem returns again…


4. next… replace nano-SIM: problem solved !

#Netgear #WNDR4500 down, power led blinking green

Last week, I woke up and noticed my wifi was not working.
After investigation, my wifi-router, NETGEAR WNDR4500 N900, seem to be in some kind of trouble.
The powerled was blinking green and I could not access it anymore.


The blinking green led means that the routers suffers from corrupted firmware, don’t know why this happened.

More info can be found at http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/18989/kw/wndr4500%20corrupted%20firmware%20recovery%20tool%20lost%20cd

Anyway the solution in short is to download a firmware package, then upload this to the router via TFTP and after a reboot, the green blinking led will stabilize and all functionality will return.
In my case the config was intact, so no harm was done.

In the meantime I also a logged a support call with NETGEAR Support, the morning after, they already responded with via email that “The router is suffering from a corrupted firmware. This cannot be restored so the router has to be exchanged.

Thanks you Netgear Support, but I consider myself technical enough to go for the self-repair option.