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How to retrieve the Avamar 6.1 Gen 4S System ID

root@server:~/#: mccli server show-prop
0,23000,CLI command completed successfully.
Attribute                        Value
——————————– —————————-
State                            Full Access
Active sessions                  0
Total capacity                   1.9 TB
Capacity used                    225.7 GB
Server utilization               11.7%
Bytes protected                  487.9 GB
Bytes protected quota            Not configured
License expiration               Never
Time since Server initialization 154 days 05h:00m
Last checkpoint                  2013-11-19 11:04:11 CET
Last validated checkpoint        2013-11-19 11:00:45 CET
System Name                      server
System ID                        1371543063@00:1E:67:6D:65:AD
HFSAddr                          server
HFSPort                          27000
IP address                       x.x.x.x:26000
Number of nodes                  1
Nodes Online                     1
Nodes Offline                    0
Nodes Read-only                  0
Nodes Timed-out                  0

How to retrieve the Avamar 6.1 Gen 4S Product Asset Tag

as root….
/usr/bin/ipmitool fru print 0 | grep “Product Asset Tag” | sed “s/^.*: *\(.*\)/\1/”
you will get something like this: