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crashplan backup network share howto

I’m using crashplan for my home backups for a while now and love the idea that my files are safely backed up to the cloud. But also have a NAS at home and with crashplan you cannot select a windows network drive (shared folder) for backup.

But in fact, there is a way to do the backup anyway.

When using a Symbolic Link (Microsoft)… then you map a network drive to a directory… and then you can backup those files on the NAS.


1. <desktop>: make the symbolic directory link to the network drive: mklink /d d:\directory\nasdrive \\nas\shared

2. use crashplan to make a backup set pointing to d:\directory\nasdrive

Crashplan is looking after my precious data

Being a very enthusiastic semi-amateur photographer, I was looking for a safe backup solution for my precious data.
A few years ago, I was doing regular backups to multiple DVD’s and keeping them off-site.
Then we had a hard disk price drop which made it easier to have 2 copies of my data, 1 on a HD which I kept at home and a second copy which I kept at a remote location.
Off course still a lot of work to keep my data in sync with the backup sets… there was always a period of time where I didn’t have both copies, so in case of fire at home or theft, my data would be lost.

Then I came across with the cloud backup solution provided by Crashplan (http://www.crashplan.com).
It didn’t take me long to signup with the “Crashplan+ Unlimited” which would suit me just fine to backup my photo’s, home movies and other data.
After doing the basic tuning, I was ready to start my backup.
There were some days I kept my pc on the whole day, but also some days that it was turned off.
Anywway, I started my backup beginning March 2012… the full backup of all data just finished last week (Sept 2012).
In the meantime I played around, tried some restores, create special backup sets.
I experienced some general server downtime during March 2012, but support kept my informed regarding the issue…. anyway it got solve and nothing was lost.

During the time of this writing, I have 1.3TB (129864 files) online in the Crashplan Cloud.

I do not regret for a moment that I signed up with Crashplan and I recommend it to everyone I know.
So for the guys from Crashplan (codefortytwho software) a big thanks to make my life easier.