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Avamar license error: server_exception(MSG_ERR_MISMATCH)

admin@avamar:~/#: avmaint license ./licensefile.xml –avamaronly

ERROR: avmaint: license: server_exception(MSG_ERR_MISMATCH)

Solution: The license.xml files was probably damaged in the email, try again without email and it should be fine !


time for an Adobe Lightroom 4.1 upgrade

Pretty impressed with the possibilities when I was introduced with Adobe Lightroom a long time ago.
I’m using this for several years now to manage my 70000+ photos.
But now I feel that time has come to upgrade from LR3 to LR4.
I’ve seen the new possibilities and I also noticed the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.0 NL PROMO €99 at

I’m actually not really a fan of NL language for my software, but Adobe Belgium actually guaranteed the fact that I can use the NL license if I install the NL version and after installation, go to the preferences and simply change to English. No license conflict, it’s all legal and I can benefit the