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how to reset the EMC Networker NMC password

1. create the following system variable “GST_RESET_PW” = 1 on the Networker Server running NMC.
2. Reboot
3. login to NMC with “administrator” “password”

Now you can set a new password.
Then delete the “GST_RESET_PW” environment variable.

EMC NMM231 Exchange 2010 DAG backup fails when node has no mounted exchange databases

Networker Module for Microsoft Applications 2.3.1 (2.3.0.build81) is really doing well backing up Microsoft Exchange 2010 DAG configurations.
But a few weeks ago we ran into some strange issue.

Suddenly the Networker group backup was unsuccessful as you can see in the screenshot below, failing with the messages:
“NMM Backup failed to complete successfully” and “nsrsnap_vss_save createInstanceBackup() failed”

After some investigation, we noticed that the other node was doing fine.
And then we saw that all Exchange 2010 databases were mounted on 1 node, the other node without mounted/active databases was having problem.

I posted this on the EMC community and an EMC support engineer commented that this was normal behaviour: “NMM design is if there is not respective backup type mailbox database found while running DAG backup, then we will fail backup.”
So if you have a cluster and for some reason, can’t think of one, but for some reason all databases are mounted on only 1 of the nodes, then NMM will run into problems when trying to backup the “passive” node.

You will have 2 options:
1. Mount a database on the other node
2. disable the Networker Client Resource for the passive exchange node and change for the active exchange node, the networker parameter “NSR_EXCH2010_BACKUP=active -> NSR_EXCH2010_BACKUP=all”.

To me… the above is a dirty-workaround… I would really encourage EMC² to add an extra check into NMM that will not produce this failure, but warn the user in stead.

Exchange 2010 backup with EMC Networker nsr_exchange2010

The nsr_exchange2010.exe is a small executable from EMC² that allows for Exchange 2010 backups & recoveries.

But the problem is that it uses VSS.

When the backup is interupted due to some issue (could be group abort or just OS/Exchange problem like a failed consistency check), the Exchange VSS writer will remain the status “State: [5] Waiting for completion” because the vss snap cleanups cannot finish.
A restart of the backup will fail with the message “backup-in-progress”.

Command to check the vss writer: vssadmin list writers

We can reset the VSS Exchange writer by restarting the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service or by killing the Store.exe proces.
The Exchange VSS Writer will switch to the status: “State: [1] Stable” and you will be able to restart the backup.