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reset EMC VNXe admin password and management IP

On the back of the enclosure, you’ll find a password reset button labeled as 2 triangles pointing to each other (see pic).VNXe-back

Press that button with a paperclip for a few seconds, the fault led will start flashing.



When it turns to steady blue, the admin/service password will be reset to default and the system will also allow you to use the EMC VNXe Connection Utility to modify the management ip address.

The default password for the admin account is Password123# and the default password for the service account is service .


how to reset the EMC Networker NMC password

1. create the following system variable “GST_RESET_PW” = 1 on the Networker Server running NMC.
2. Reboot
3. login to NMC with “administrator” “password”

Now you can set a new password.
Then delete the “GST_RESET_PW” environment variable.