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SMTP relay

#telnet relay.skynet.be 25

>>> 220 relay.skynet.be ESMTP
>>> 250 relay.skynet.be
MAIL FROM: test@skynet.be
>>> 250 sender ok
RCPT TO: t.lambrechts@gmail.com
>>> 250 recipient ok
>>> 354 Start mail input; end with .
Subject:-type Hallo
(2x enter to switch to subject)
test test
. (to end the message)
>>> 250 ok: Message 387093789 accepted
>>> 221 relay.skynet.be
>>> Connection to host lost.


EMC Avamar – define SMTP server

login as admin on Avamar server
#vi /usr/local/avamar/var/mc/server_data/prefs/mcserver.xml

Then find following:
<root type=”system”>
<node name=”com”>
<node name=”avamar”>
<node name=”asn”>
<node name=”module”>
<node name=”mail”>
<entry key=”smtpHost” value=”mail”/>
<entry key=”admin_mail_sender_address” value=””/>

Change values as required.
Save and exit
dpnctl stop mcs
dpnctl start