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Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Web Access on “Mail for Android”

2 months have past now using HTC Incredible S.
At first the HTC Incredible S was running Android 2.2 (Froyo).
During the first few days, I was struggling to integrate my corporate email in the “Mail for Android app. But I failed during configuration.. due to some server security setting regarding SSL on MS Exchange 2003.

In the meantime HTC posted the upgrade to Android 2.3.3/HTC Sense 2.1, alias Gingerbread.
And now…. they seem to have solved the problem with HTC Mail connecting to Exchange…

And it’s working like a charm.
The only thing I regret is the fact that you need to add some security thing at the locking screen. So now everytime my smartphone was locked, I need to unlock it with a PIN-code.

Anyway… Way to go Android !