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“No photos to import” with iPad Camera Connection Kit

Being an iPad started, I stumbled upon the following.
Trying to import photo’s with the iPad Camera Connection Kit..


I copied some .NEF (Nikon RAW) pictures into folders on an SDHC card.
Then I tried to import them in the ipad, but got the message “No photos to import”… strange!

Apparently you should create a folder “DCIM” on the root of the SDHC card to put all photos.
And the most annoying thing is the fact that file names shouldn’t be longer than 8 characters and on top of that file names should be like “_DSC0001” !

And now I noticed that he doesn’t detect any subfolders within DCIM either.

After that I detects all pictures and let’s you continue to import.

I will try this with a USB memory stick next time…

To conclude: Apple Bull Shit !

smartphone for me

About 2 years ago, when the iphone was about the only decent smartphone on the planet I was thinking… why should I buy a smartphone… it’s expensive, mobile internet is expensive, the battery lasts for 1 day or so.
But then one fine April day in 2011 I bought a “smarties-phone” anyway… so I went to my favorite online shop (www.coolblue.be) which has some great deals and free next-day delivery and bought myself the HTC Incredible S.

Standard it came with Android 2.2 Froyo.
First I was really overwhelmed with the functionality, but it was really difficult since I used to own a regular Nokia mobile phone.
But very quickly (same day) I was getting used to the interface.
A few weaks later, HTC release the upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread which has some really nice stuff added.

And then a smartphone-wiz-colleague convinced me into the smartphone tuning business… how to root your phone and apply custom ROM!

Very soon I got addicted to websites like “xda-developers.com” and “virtuousrom.com” and my HTC Incredible S nowadays is running on Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich via a custom rom called “Virtuous Quattro RC3 ! Hell Yeah !

Please note that the custom rom’s are under development, so it can happen that you run into a bug sometimes, but on the other hand… you are really among the few with an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone today (Feb 01, 2012).

Some days I think, why didn’t I buy an Apple IOS powered iPhone4S, but on the other hand I’m a techie… So I really hate the idea that you cannot enhance your phone’s functions or add some cool functions.

So… at this time… Android rules for me on my HTC Incredible S.
When I get old and just want a phone I will buy an iPhone  😉


One fine day during the month of January 2012…. Everywhere you look it’s all about social media… facebook, twitter, blogs, tablets, smartphone, ipad, iphone, android, blackberry….

We seem to forget that lot’s of people are not following-up on the hype and it’s very difficult to have normal conversations without using one of the dirty words written in my previous sentence.


Anyway… I was thinking to create a blog of my one… just for fun, but also for information sharing.
So as of today a new start with https://tomlambrechts.wordpress.com.